Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting support, please see if the answer to your question is in the FAQ section below. If you do not find the answer to your question please do not hesitate to contact us We normally respond to enquiries within 12 hours

  1. Download the latest version of Kruptos 2 Professional from Here
  2. Open the Kruptos 2 Professional installer
  3. Carefully read and accept the Kruptos 2 Professional licence agreement, if you accept click Install
  4. Kruptos 2 Professional has now been installed to your computer, click Finish to close the installer

First Kruptos passes your password through a special function known as a Hash algorithm (SHA256), that produces a very strong 256 bit 'encrypting key'. The 'encrypting key' is then passed through another special algorithm to produce the 'master encrypting key'. Kruptos then passes the contents of your file to an encryption algorithm know as AES which uses the 'master key' to encrypt the contents of your file.

No. Unfortunately we are not able to help you. Kruptos 2 does not contain any hidden keys or back doors. If you lose your password your data is lost!

No. There is no limit on the number of files you can process with Kruptos, obviously the more files you want to process the longer it will take.

Yes. We provide a free decryption utility that your clients can install which will allow them to fully decrypt their files. See Kruptos Reader

As a general rule you only want to encrypt your personal files such as photos, movies, work documents, tax returns, basically any file that contains sensitive or personal information. Kruptos 2 will allow you to encrypt any file, however there is no need to encrypt any system/program files as they will not contain any personal information, in fact doing so may make your computer unstable as you may inadvertently encrypt a critical Windows or program file.

No. Kruptos 2 Professional has an in built fail safe mechanism for unexpected situations such as your computer losing power or crashing during encryption or decryption. Kruptos 2 does not remove any files until an integrity check is performed on both the source and destination files.

Yes! Kruptos 2 Professional is fully integrated with several Cloud providers, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsofts OneDrive. Please see the Cloud help for further details