Kruptos 2 Professional version history

Version 18th December 2020

  • Improved the reporting of file timestamp and file attributes between file decryption and re-encryption.
  • Fixed an issue where the vertical scroll bar is greyed out in the Library view for a specific case.
  • Error message is updated for the random password generation.
  • Fixed an issue with timeout settings when the value is greater than 1000.
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 25th August 2017

  • Updated common password database
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvments

Version 30th March 2017

  • Encryption is now more than 50% faster!
    We’ve used some of the best performance tools around and taken a very detailed look at where time was being spent during encryption. The results are two substantial areas of improvement:
    • If you have an Intel based processor, encryption will now be processed via the on-board AES instruction set which will save you in the region of 10%.
    • During encryption, Kruptos 2 shreds your original file which often requires more time than actual encryption (depending on your HD speed). Version 7 offloads this process onto a new service (K2Cleaner) which shreds all temporary files in the background.

  • Improvements to the corruption prevention service.
    We’ve added additional extra checks and counter measures which are always performed before any file changing operations are completed so if your computer crashes or you lose power on your laptop, you can be sure the file you were editing will not be lost or corrupted. Thanks to all the customers who helped.
  • Now monitors your Kruptos 2 encrypted files (via k2Service) in near-real-time for any data leakage and data potential corruption.
  • Secure notes have been improved to include RTF formatting.
  • For administrators, we've updated the command line utility to match all current Kruptos 2 functionality.
  • Updated common password analyser to match the one used on the Mac
  • Loads of little tweaks and improvement.
  • Other minor UI bug fixes
Please note that version 7 is a paid-for major upgrade.

Version 20th July 2016

  • Tidied up main tool bar for easier access to sharing operations e.g. send to cloud or folder
  • Security update Fixed an issue regarding file shredding when encrypting files
  • Other minor UI bug fixes
  • Free upgrade for all version 6 users

Version 15th May 2016

  • Added new options to Secure Notes that allow you to change the default storage location of your Note file.
  • Fix an issue for Windows XP users where access to the program was limited.
  • Minor UI bug fixes
  • Free upgrade for all version 6 users

Version 28th April 2016

  • New Secure Notes feature
    Create top-secret secure notes that are only accessible to you using your master password.
  • Remember passwords within Windows Explorer
    Optionally remember your password and password hint when securing your files within Windows Explorer
  • Virtual Keyboards
    Prevent key loggers from accessing your passwords by using the new built-in virtual keyboard.
  • Random password generator
    Create virtually unbreakable random passwords with the new built-in random password creator
  • Performance improvements
    Upto 30% speed increase when generating encrypted filenames
  • Security improvements
    Updates to the encryption core, including: full encryption of temporary data stored in memory, updated random number generators and speed improvments
  • Updated UI
    Many user interface updates to make things a little easier to use
  • Improved Dropbox support
  • Bug fixes
  • Plus many small improvements

Version 25th January 2016

  • Improvements to encrypted filename generation, now uses SHA256 with additional salt
  • Fixes potential file name collision issues when there are two or more files with the exact name in the same folder
  • Fix to Change file password when encrypted with a keyfile passwords - you could not selected the keyfile password as your old password.

Version 10th December 2015

  • Fixes an issue where you could theoretically read your library file list without providing a password. This bug allowed you to open your library without first entering a password, Note that only the library list could be read, your encrypted files and master password are not affected and are 100% safe.
If your files names are sensitive we highly recommend you use the ‘Encrypted Filename’ feature – See Options for more information

Version 1st December 2015

  • DropBox for Business added to Cloud providers
  • Fix for DropBox and OneDrive not working correctly under certain conditions
  • Visual refresh to your library
  • Performance improvements when adding\removing Cloud providers
  • Improvements for DPI 125% for HD layouts
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 12th August 2015

  • Improvements to send-to
  • Minor bug fixes
If you use send-to and utilise key-files as your password, we strongly recommend you upgrade to as this fixes a potential issue with the password used to encrypt your files.

Version 22nd June 2015

  • Full integration with DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Securely send files to the cloud using your library of Windows Explorer
  • Speed improvements when processing large numbers of files in Windows Explorer
  • Added 'Open file Location' to your library
  • Added view file properties to your library
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 23rd March 2015

  • Updated Library interface for HD displays - the UI now looks sharp at 1080p and scales to 125%
  • Added custom font sizes for your library view
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 12th March 2015

  • Fix ribbon bar bug for HD displays - button images and transparancy was not showing correctly
  • Fixes a crash bug when no internet connection is detected
  • Add ‘View original filename’ to the library

Version 7th March 2015

  • New encryption mode for greater performance on modern multi-core processors
  • New user interface so you can organise and process your private data quicker and more efficiently
  • Single password sign-on, auto-lock, auto-backup, search, filter and more for your new user interface
  • Improved fail-safe mechanisms so when the unexpected happens your data is still safe and secure
  • Improved editing\viewing your secured files
  • Streamlined password entry screens
  • Security enhancements, bug fixes and more…

Version 7th March 2014

  • Added new option to hide your encrypted files extensions. When encrypting your files Kruptos 2 Professional will rename your files to ..k2p i.e. test.txt will become ‘test.txt.k2p’. If your file extensions are sensitive you can hide them therefore test.txt will become test.k2p
  • Fixed check for updates from Windows Explorer as it was incorrectly stating an update was available.

Version 20th February 2014

We are pleased to announce the first major update of Kruptos 2 Professional for over 3 years, version 4. This major release sees the encryption algorithm updated to use AES, a complete redesign of the underlying hardware interaction which results in massive speed improvements and many, many other enhancements.

  • Upgraded to use military graded AES encryption algorithm. (Blowfish is still available via the new options feature if required)
  • New password caching feature, Kruptos 2 Professional now securely remembers your last password so you don’t have to repeatedly re-enter your passwords
  • Up to 40% faster. All underlying algorithms have been updated for today’s hardware, including hardware accelerated AES encryption and support for SSD
  • Modern, fresh new look
  • Security enhancements and over 20 bug fixes

Version November 8th 2013

  • Fixed a crash bug when closing Kruptos 2 Professional
  • Slight increase in speed when encrypting large files
  • Minor bug fixes

Version October 1st 2013

  • Speed improvements whilst decrypting large files
  • Last project is automatically loaded on start-up
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor UI changes

Version May 22nd 2013

  • Improved data safety by adding extra data integrity checks when encrypting your files
  • Changed the way encrypted filenames are created i.e. file.txt will now become file.txt.k2p
  • Improved performance when encrypting large numbers of files
  • Bug fixes

Version Jan 2013

  • Keyfiles can now be combined with a password i.e. 2–phase authentication, also improved keyfile dialog
  • Updated self-extracting files for performance and visuals
  • Updated Windows Explorer icons
  • Bug fixes

Version November 13th 2012

  • Added drag and drop from Windows Explorer to projects window
  • Added multiple file selection to Project Explorer
  • Improved project operational speed
  • One installer for both 64bit and 32bit versions of Windows
  • Windows 8 compliant – 32bit & 64Bit (not RT)
  • Decrypt and Open added to Project window

Version September 24th 2012

  • General bug fixing which include a fix where progress bars appeared to pause whilst processing large files
  • Updated user interface: Removed output windows, added new project summary window which includes printable reports
  • UI updates

Version July 24th 2012

  • Improved auto re-encryption feature. Better interface and more reliable
  • Updated common password database
  • Minor bug fixes and UI updates

Version May 2nd 2012

  • Faster start-up
  • Improved Self-extracting performance
  • Customer feedback features added
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Improved handling of temporary files when using auto re-encrypt
  • Updated password entry window
  • Added Save-As and Close Project to main project screen
  • Minor UI changes and bug fixes


  • Added Show\Hide password option when entering passwords
  • New reporting engine when using Windows Explorer plug-in


  • Improved auto re-encryption. You can now decrypt and open multiple files at the same time
  • Added ‘Clear recent history menu option
  • Choosing a key file as a password always opens the user’s desktop folder rather than opening the last stored folder
  • Improved crash detection and recovery


  • Added Send encrypted email attachment feature
  • Added icons to all Windows Explorer menu options
  • General User interface tidy-up
  • Improved Zip file creation


  • Improved self-extractor performance and minor bug fixes
  • Updated graphics throughout the program


  • Improved performance of encryption and shredding
  • Minor bug fixes and customer enhancements


  • Added new ‘Change Password’ feature
  • Fixed a bug when trying to open an encrypted file via an email attachment
  • Updated Windows Explorer plug-in
  • Fixed a bug where the read only attribute [of a file] was being lost during encryption
  • Small bug fix to Shredding where the number of passes was being lost after encryption
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Improves performance by as much as 35% for Encryption and file Shredding, See test cases below
  • Bug fixes