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file size: 6.5MB

System Requirements All 32 or 64-bit variants of Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, USB 2 high speed drive, 2Ghz Processor or higher, 10MB Free Space, 2Gb RAM

USB Performance When adding files to your USB flash drive, performance of the drive really matters. Faster flash drives mean less time waiting to transfer and encrypt your files.

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Kruptos 2 Professional is an encryption software. One of the best ways to assure the security of your data on your computer without having to risks the potential loss of data to some malware applications that could steal them is to get reliable encryption software. In most cases such applications are especially complicated and almost always expensive which makes them somewhat limited and not really all that of a reasonable choice for most people. One of the ways to encrypt files properly is to get the Kruptos 2 Professional. With Kruptos 2 Professional you will get high quality encryption of your data and all your files without the fear of losing your files. This little application will make any data that you encrypt totally inaccessible to anybody besides you or the people to whom you give your password to.

Right click context menu encryption, how much easier can it get! The interface is way simpler than True Crypt ..... True Crypt just does not understand that non programers might want to use an encryption program. A program is not free if it has the cost of a steep learning curve and lost files due to a hostile interface. Kruptos has no learning curve cost and is idiot proof. Sometimes even the file name can give away sensitive information and Kruptos is gives the choice to mask file names in an encrypted folder. Not every encryption program does this. Licensing policy is such that if the company goes out of business, is sold, I loose internet connection or the zombie apocalypse happens, I will still be able to load and activate Kruptos on any of my computers to access my files. Bitsdujour

A very nice, portable and user friendly encryption product. For the money, it delivers the most bang for the buck I have seen in over 20 years of working with computers. 256 bit strength encryption for a great price. You should buy it

Keeping all my data safe from thieves and vagabonds has been interesting, to say the least, for a number of years now. Generally, TrueCrypt has been the defacto standard for file and folder encryption, for free. However, I have been looking at a new (to me), encryption program called “Kruptos 2″, which solves a problem the mighty TrueCrypt can’t handle: Totally self contained and self decrypting archives! –

Kruptos 2 offers a more mobile and much higher-horsepower way to safeguard sensitive data. Kruptos 2 does actual encryption of files and folders (via 256-bit Blowfish), and it throws in a file shredding feature for good measure. Yet despite the program's arsenal of advanced capabilities, it still manages to do well in the area of ease-of-use –CWS

Kruptos 2 Professional - smart, comprehensive and secure tool that locks your sensitive data by encrypting it using reliable and efficient encryption methods; shred files making them completely