Kruptos 2 Go version history

Version 24th November 2016

  • Updated report engine. Fixed an issued which reported the wrong amount of files that may have failed when adding to youy vault.
  • Fixed an issue where the virtical splitter position was not sticky between sessions.
  • Improved performance
  • Added virtual keyboard to all password input screens.
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 7th July 2015

  • Updated encryption algorithm to 256 bit AES
  • New improved user interface
  • Added ability to reset your USB Vault password
  • Improved performance
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 8th November 2013

  • Added new options window for ‘Auto-timeout’ and ‘Overwrite existing files’
  • Improved adding duplicate files to your vault – you now have the option to automatically overwrite any existing files
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 28th August 2013

  • Added 1 minute lockout after 5 unsuccessful login attempts which will help prevent Brute-force attacks
  • You can now rename folders within your Vault
  • Added ability to add empty folders to your Vault
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1st July 2013

  • Added auto-timeout to your USB Vault
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 9th May 2013

  • Added open\edit encrypted files from your USB Vault
  • Fixed a registration bug where the title bar would still report the program as a "Trial Version" after successful registration
  • Minor bug fixes