Kruptos 2 FAQ

Adding files

Adding files, how does it work?

When you add a file to your project, Kruptos makes a copy of the original file and stores the copy within Kruptos 2’s personal storage on your Android device.

Why doesn't Kruptos work with the file directly?

Android Apps typically allow read-only access to files, this means Kruptos 2 cannot encrypt the file as this would require write access. Some Apps (Dropbox, Google Drive), when requesting a copy, store this copy to a local, temporary location which Android may delete when the device is running short on resources. To guarantee 100% access to the file at all times we make a copy and store it within Kruptos 2’s private storage.

When I tap 'Add File' there are no Apps showing!

To add files from Dropbox, Google Drive, your file system or any other file provider you must have the relevant App installed. Once the App is installed it will be shown in the ‘Add files’ selection window

I can only add 1 file at a time, what’s wrong?

Unfortunately we can’t control this behaviour as many Apps only allow single selection e.g. Dropbox and Google Drive. The good news is many Apps have realised this issue and have started to add multi-select to their Apps, Dropbox included


Is Kruptos 2 compatible with Kruptos 2 PC and Kruptos iPhone?

Yes! You can encrypt your files on any Windows, Android or iPhone device and later decrypt it on any Windows, Android or iPhone device.

Kruptos 2 crashed! Can I help?

Absolutely! Please email us your problem at: Bugs

I would like to see feature x, can you help?

Here at Kruptos 2 Software we’re always looking to improve our products, If you have an idea or would like to see something changes, please email us at: Feature Request