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USB Security

Kruptos 2 Go is tiny yet very effective USB security software that lets you password protect USB drives as simple as in two easy steps.

USB Sticks, Flash drives, memory cards, thumb drives, portable hard drives: whatever you want to call them, they’re more like keychain accessories; they can be often used to carry highly sensitive information that you wouldn’t want to put online.

But there’s one problem that plagues most physical removable media. If you lose a memory stick, external hard drive, or USB drive, anyone who finds it can get access to whatever is inside.

But just like protecting your smartphone with a password, you can do the same with your USB drive. You can encrypt the entire drive, protecting it from people who don’t have the password (i.e. everyone except you).

Kruptos 2 Go  - USB Protect

Kruptos 2 Go is a password protected USB security tool for your USB Drive which protects your privacy and important data from data theft, data loss or leaks.

Just drag and drop your files and folders into Kruptos 2 Go’s encrypted ‘Vault’ with just two easy steps and they will immediately be password protected which prevents your important data from being modified, read or even accessed without the correct password. 

You’ll be amazed at how simple and effective Kruptos 2 Go – USB security vault can be! There are no settings or fancy configurations – just install the program and be on your way. Files are protected by 256-bit encryption algorithms, with no secret backdoors or universal keys to be exploited! Best of all, you can work with your encrypted files on Kruptos 2 Go – USB Vault seamlessly – files are unlocked and locked on the fly as you use them!

Kruptos 2 Go (USB Security) Features

Prevents data theft

Kruptos 2 Go keeps your files locked even if your USB drive is stolen or lost. Only you can open your private files using your password.

Easy to use

There are no options or settings. Once installed securing your files for transport is a breeze, simply drag your files and folders to your Kruptos 2 Go USB Vault. It’s that easy!

Protects any number of files of any type

With Kruptos 2 Go you can add any number of files or folders to your encrypted Vault, the only limitation being the size of your USB drive!

Safe and Secure

Uses proven and unbroken 256bit file encryption algorithms, no hidden back doors or secret keys which makes it impossible for anyone to get to your files without knowing the correct password

Securely view your files

Simply double click and Kruptos 2-Go will automatically decrypt and open your file. Any changes made are automatically encrypted when you close the file.

Works on most USB drives,

Kruptos 2 Go works on most USB 2 and above USB devices such as USB sticks, memory cards and portable hard disks.

What a refreshingly easy encryption product to use, just drag your files to your USB drive and they’re password protected. Excellent

In the end, your data will be more secure than ever with small USB security tool, and you can rest well if you misplaced your drive with sensitive information. You may try yourself by downloading Kruptos 2 GO here.

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